Energy treatments

What is an energy treatment good for? 

Energetic treatments release blockages, connect chakras (subtle energy centers in the human body) and enhance the flow of energy in the body. Treatments activate self-healing powers, prevent diseases, enhance well-being and relaxation, strengthen positive energies (love, happiness, harmony, etc.) and reduce negative energies (anger, stress, jealousy, etc.). 

The family of Sayed Kadir has been working on alternative healing methods for more than 200 years. Even as a child, Sayed’s abilities became noticeable. He came to Austria 40 years ago and developed his own method to balance energy flows through the chakras. This method of helping people is a wonderful addition to conventional medicine. 

Energy full body treatment (55 min.) € 90,-
Energy back treatment (30 min.) € 60,-
Energy partial lymph treatment (25 min.) € 50,-
Energy full body lymph treatment (55 min.) €90,-
Energy foot reflexology treatment (30 min.) € 60,-