Let energies flow . . .

Space energy cleansing


Space energy cleansing, that is the clearing of negative energies in rooms and buildings, serves to remove old energies that may be trapped. It often happens that when you enter a room you sense that ‘something’ isn’t right; the atmosphere may feel oppressive or you simply feel ill at ease.

We regularly employ the services of Maya Potocnik, Vayage OG, to clear our hotel of negative energies and restore it to a state of freshness. Using smoke from special herbs, mantras and Taoist energy techniques, everything that is stagnant and ‘used’, all the old energies trapped in the room from the guests who stayed there before you, are removed so that the space becomes yours, enabling you to unwind, relax and feel at ease.


In addition, our hallways between the rooms have been designed and appointed taking traditional European shamanic-energy factors into account. This enables the power and the beauty of the nature that surrounds our hotel to fully come into their own.


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