Bio-energy treatments

In what ways does bio-energy treatment help?

Releases energy blockages
Brings your chakras into alignment
Leads to an exchange of energies

Activates your own self-healing powers
Enhances the effectiveness of medical treatments
Prevents illness
Promotes well-being and relaxation

Strengthens your positive energies (love, tolerance, happiness, harmony…) and reduces negative energies (resentment, anger, fears, stress, hate, envy …)

Sayed Kadir’s family has been involved in alternative healing methods for more than 200 years.
Even as a child, he demonstrated an exceptional ability to help others. Sayed moved to Austria 40 years ago, where he developed his own unique method to bring the body’s natural energy flow into balance via the chakras (ethereal energy points in the human body). This method for helping people offers an excellent complement to mainstream medicine.




Energy treatments using the Sayed Kadir method

Bio-energy full-body treatment (55 minutes) € 80,-
Bio-energy back treatment (30 minutes) € 50,-
Bio-energy lymph treatment (part-body) (25 minutes) € 40,-
Bio-energy lymph treatment (full-body) (55 minutes) €80,-
Bio-energy foot reflexology treatment (30 minutes) € 50,-